Certified Public Accountants

We work with CPAs in helping them investigate any occurrence of fraud for their clients. We review financial statements for fraud as well as any incidences of employee fraud.


We work with attorneys on civil and criminal investigations on financial investigations as it relates to embezzlement, money laundering, corruption, larceny, as well as asset tracing, net-income and net-worth calculations. We can also testify in court to support our findings.


Our work with not-for-profit such as churches, youth organizations, schools, and other not-for-profit involves assessing and setting up internal controls, reviewing financials, reconciling and investigating any incidences of grant or donations misuse.

We work in all industries providing training for employees, reviewing financial records or fraud, review or implement fraud policy, and investigate all types of employee fraud such as expense reimbursement, payroll, vendor payments, and receivables skimming.

Small Business

We work with law enforcement on tracing illicit funds.

Law Enforcement