Forensic Accountants for small to mid-sized businesses and individuals

Craib Accounting LLC is an accounting firm that works with small, mid-sized businesses and individuals.  Our firm specializes in Forensic Accounting and helps companies to investigate, prevent, detect, and deter fraud and protect their assets.  Whether you’re an individual looking to protect your assets or small business owner who suspects fraud or need fraud awareness training, we will help you with your accounting needs and forensic investigation.  We bring experience and professionalism to every case and customize our fraud investigation, awareness training, and fraud risk assessment to your individual needs and concerns.

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Areas of Practice


financial investigation

We investigate all suspicions of fraud and implement fraud prevention policies.  We investigate all frauds related to:

  1. Asset Misappropriation

  2. Corruption

  3. Financial Statement Fraud Schemes

The most common category of fraud that businesses encounter is Asset Misappropriation.  These fraud schemes involves: Skimming, Cash Larceny, Fraudulent Disbursements, Check Tampering, Billing, Accounts Receivables, Expense Reimbursement, Payroll, Non-cash, and Inventory Schemes.

fraud risk assessment

Our fraud risk assessment identify your vulnerability to internal fraud by working with individuals who have extensive knowledge of the organization's operations.  We work with these individuals to identify the potential inherent fraud risks, assess the likelihood and significance of occurrence of the identified fraud risks, evaluate which people and departments are most likely to commit fraud and identify the methods they are likely to use, identify and map existing preventive and detective controls to the relevant fraud risks, evaluate whether the identified controls are operating effectively and efficiently, and identify and evaluate residual fraud risks resulting from ineffective or nonexistent controls.



fraud awareness training

Our fraud awareness training for employees helps them understand the impact of fraud on their companies and what they can do to help prevent it.  Our program is customized to make it specific to your organization’s needs. Our curriculum includes the three types of occupational fraud, the types of fraud committed by employees and vendors, what causes people to commit fraud, red flags to look out for, and what to do if they suspect fraud.

litigation support

We provide forensic accounting, asset tracing, net-income and net-worth calculations related to litigation.



We set up your accounting, handle the day to day accounting needs, keep proper records in our secured cloud storage, equip you with the right financial records so that you can see the big picture of your financial standings.

expense reduction

We help companies identify operating costs for reduction so that the company can save money which is turn improves the bottom line.

Rather fail with honor than
succeed by fraud
— Sophocles

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